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Die-hard Feminist, liberal. Continuously political.

Lover of cats, Art Nouveau, a good Reisling, pouring rain, baking, and black coffee.

Avid reader, relatively well traveled. Competent knitter. Lousy dishwasher.

Irritated by bad drivers, bad conversationalists, wishy-washy political affiliations and uncomfortable shoes.

Generally listening to music. Also, humming.

Excellent cook.

Always mosturized.


Indecisive, but working on it.

Working hard to be an ordinary radical.

Adores tattoos, gauged earrings and corsets.

Married to Luke, who also happens to be my best friend of 7 years and counting.

Creeped out by people who use the term “pro-life”.

Mother of Colin Taylor, who sometimes does an uncanny Alfred Hitchcock impression and is cuter than your child.

A novel writing, theatre going, opera loving, 25 year old woman



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